This is Pingyu Liu, I am a physicist. After receiving my Ph.D. degree in physics, I have been in aerospace, medical and national security fields.
I have experience ranging from academics to industry, from physics to aerospace, from image processing to transducer design, and from healthcare to national security. I was an invited speaker at international conferences, and I was invited to be an NIH grant review panelist.
My main experience is the following:
Allied-Signal Aerospace Co., Engineer III. Main achievements: Stress/Strain finite element analysis, Transducer circuit optimization, Linear/nonlinear optimization program design.
Indiana University School of Medicine, Associate Professor of Radiology. Main achievements: Photoacoustic imaging theory development, Optical tomography, Cardiac CT, Thermal-enhanced MRI, Image reconstruction teaching, Radiation physics and Statistics teaching.
Acuson Corporation, Image Analysis Engineer IV. Main achievements: Background Noise Supreession project, Digital filter design and analysis for medical ultrasound systems. 
Stanford University, Department of Radiation Oncology, Medical Physicist. Main achievements: Introduced nonlinear deffusion filtering algorithm for image segmentation in oncology treatment planning, Provided medical physicist services in 3 radiation oncology clinics including 150+ IMRT planning plus QA, Brachytherapy planning/and handling, Simulator QA,
Varian 600 and 2100 Linac QA, Radioisotope management/radiation safety.


Rapiscan Systems, High Energy Inspection Corp., Senior Staff Scientist.

Main achievements: X-ray scattering, radiation dose modeling and calculation, Image processing algorithm development for target recognition, Airport Security System Design & Evaluation, Radiation Safety Survey and Report for Company and new Product, Drafted and finalized FDA report of a new radiation product per 21 CFR 1002, Drafted a new and inexpensive way to detect atomic bombs hidden in cargoes.
Partial list of my patents and publications are the following:
PATENTS (selected):
1. Liu, P. " Pressure correction for temperature transient environment for R-C type digital pressure transducers ".
2. Liu, P. "Apparatus and method for constructing computed tomography image slices of an object undergoing cyclic motion." ( U.S. patent 6233478, May 15, 2001 )
PUBLICATIONS (selected):
1. Liu P.Y. and Kruger R.A. Comments on 'Quantum noise in detectors'. Medical Physics, 4(11):561,1984.
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